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What people are saying

Beautiful, thoughtful and so helpful! I bought this as a gift for my mother in law after we lost my father in law suddenly to covid. This book is always in her hand or close by. She finds comfort in writing in it and using it to collect the funeral prayer card, special sympathy notes from others, etc. When you just don't know what to say to someone who has lost a loved one, this gift says it all.


I lost my dad April 2020 from Glioblastoma, brain cancer. I was stuck for a year in grief, keeping my emotions hidden for I didn't know how to deal with grief and how to process it. For the first time, I've been able to smile while writing about my dad, granted as tears fall...but it's helping...just to be able to get things out instead of keeping them in.


Beautifully made. Perfect gift to give to someone to show you are supporting them, without being too overbearing. It's hard to be there for someone going through a loss, but this was the perfect way to show my support and sympathy. The prompts are perfect and the quotes are a great addition.


This is such a beautiful grief journal. The materials are high quality, and the prompts and quotes throughout are heartfelt and clearly created by someone who has endured a difficult loss. I will be ordering more of these!


I bought this journal for myself after my brother passed away at 19 from brain cancer after a long and awful battle. The journal itself is simple and beautiful, the pages smell amazing and have a wonderful soft quality. The prompts are simple and straightforward and clearly written by someone familiar with grief. Each prompt has several pages of space to write (hooray room!) with a quote and small illustration. Beautiful done!


What is our mission?

Grief is harder to process when you feel alone. And even the best friends and counselors aren’t always able to be there, or able to help. We hope to bridge that gap with a tool that helps people feel more in control of managing their grief, through all its stages. Our goal is to create a resource so impactful that people who are suffering no longer feel they have no place to turn.

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